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In our modern world we have become used to the idea that any type of food is always available, at shops and supermarkets. This is very conveniant but it makes us lose contact with the seasons and our local farmers. We believe that flying in off-season products is not really neccesary when there are so many beautiful products available in our own country!

De Krat wants to share these beautiful, local and seasonal products by buying them straight from the farmer and delivering them to you doorstep. By doing so we intend to make the world a little bit better. We work according the following principles:


  • Beef, veal, lamb and pork are from The Netherlands, 100% animal welfare friendly, sustainable end free range bred. The meat meets the standard of Stichting Keurmerk Waterland, Het Producent Keurmerk for free range pork, the EKO mark (organic), Better Life mark or the free range meat PROduCERT mark.
  • Chicken is Dutch and has at least 2 stars from Better Life and Het Producent Keurmerk for free range chicken.
  • Fish is 80% MSC certified and/or from the North Sea.
  • Cheese and yoghurt are organic or meet the mark Aknowledged Regional product of the Green Hart cooperation. 
  • Cream, crème fraîche, sour cream, grated cheese all meet the EKO mark
  • Dried or canned goods like rice, pasta, bulgur, tomatoes, beans etc. are alwyas organic.
  • Vegetables are 100% Dutch, always seasonal, from real soil or unheated greenhouses and 50% organic. 
  • Bread is oraganic and has no additives, just water, flour, yeast or leaven and salt.  
  • Eggs are organic or free range. 
  • De Krat works mostly directly with farmers and producers and pays a fair price for their products
  • No waste; de Krat has no supplies and donates left overs (if any) to the food bank or local shops and restaurants. 
  • Packaging: the wooden crates are recylcled. Vegetables are only packaged if absolutely nessecary.
  • Education: we like to teach our customers about sustainability, seasonal and local food, through our website, recipe booklets, blog and newsletters. 
  • De Krat supports local initiatives like the Foodbank, DAMn food waste en de Tostifabriek